Mon amour

Comme le ciel bleu qui ne cesse de briller sur nous

Ainsi mon amour brille pour toi

Un amour pur, un amour plein d’étoiles

Tous les jours qui passent

Ne font qu’augmenter mon amour pour toi

Oh mon cher, que veux-tu de plus

Qu’un coeur honnête et prèt à tout

Je ne te demande pas de me donner la lune

Je ne te demande pas de t’agenouiller à mes pieds

Ni je ne te demande pas d’être mon esclave

Tout ce que je veux de toi c’ est un coeur pur

Car un coeur comme le tien me ferait voler comme les oiseaux du ciel

Un coeur comme le tien me ferait rêver comme la princesse au bois dormant

Et le prince que tu es

Ce prince charmant avec ce sourire éclatant que tu as

Avec ton air de gallantrie, fierté, gentillesse et tant d’autre je n’ose mentionner

Mérite d’être à mes coté pour toujours et à jamais

Ne crains donc rien mon amour, sache tout simplement que je t’aime

Je t’aime d’un amour infini!

Allélouia FM: 3 years later

Sunday November 23rd, 2015, my sisters and I (Daniella and Juline) stepped into Le Villate Pétion Ville to take part of the 3rdanniversary of Allélouia FM and the Allélouia Award. Last year around the same time, Allélouia FM flew in the group Alabanza for this special occasion. The night was sure to be full of surprises.

At the front desk, we paid for our tickets and were given a coupon to vote for the Public Choice Award.  On a separate table were boxes with different names written on them, such as Tami, Nicky Christ, Angel Family, D.EG. (Dieu est Grand) and Frederson Joseph. Of course I won’t tell you who I voted for. Now, upon entering the big room, the first thing we noticed was the lack of attendees. Considering we were almost an hour late, and the program hadn’t yet started. Certainly, this was not going to deter us from having a good time.

We then were led to our seats by a young beautiful lady who was part of the protocol and was dressed in a white shirt and an orange skirt. Along the way, we said hello to a couple of friends. Upon reaching our seats, we could hear a really nice Christian song with a techno beat being played. The song was really


beautiful and I learned to know the artist.

Fifteen minutes later, the show still hadn’t started, which of course brought in a lot of complaints from the audience. Slogans such asHaitians are always late in their events started circulating around the room. Still, people waited. Finally 20 minutes later Myriam Charles, the MC for the night, stepped onto the stage. The first thing she did was to make the public laugh. She is totally gifted in that arena. She then called Pastor Jacky Chery onto the stage for the prayer.

Right after the prayer, Mrs. Charles introduced the judges in the panel for the awards. Later, each of the judges admitted that the choices were not easy. Each then quoted this unified line, “Everyone is a winner regardless of who won tonight.” Well, that was quite interesting. She then called the group Hosa to the stage, which after 5 minutes of checking up the equipment finally performed. I must admit they gave a real nice performance.

Right after their performance, the award for “Révélation de L’année” (This year’s revelation) was given to D.E.G. (Dieu est Grand/GOD is Great). This choir is well known for interpreting the song When Jesus says yes in a heart-wrenching Creole version. In Port-au-Prince, whenever that song is being played, you have to get up and dance.

After the Revelation Award, Frederson Joseph walked onto the stage to sing his most famous song of the day: Bondye mwen bezwen kounya (It’s God I need now.)  Next, the Album of the Yearaward was given to Jameson Innocent for his song Pou glwa non ou (For the glory of His name). Sadly, he was unable to make it. His manager, however, who happened to be Myriam Charles, was more than happy to receive it.

This was soon followed by the award for the Best Choir of the Year. It went to Gospel Kreyol. Tami then gave a beautiful performance. The award for the Best Singer of the Year was given to Nicky Christ. Mrs. Charles had the pleasure to introduce Mr. Caleb Desrameaux, the newly elected Deputy of the west region. Mr. Desrameaux while on stage promised the public that he will continue to be who he is and that he is committed to continuing to host evangelical performances. I believe the public didn’t quite believe him. Mr. Desrameaux introduced the award for Best Song of the Year, which went to Frederson Joseph.

Now, it was time for the last award. Like I said at the beginning of the story, we had to vote for the Public Choice Award. Well, that moment finally came and the winner was none other than Frederson Joseph. Upon his arrival on stage, his song started playing, which of course he sang right along. The dazzling moment of the night came when he gave a young boy the microphone to sing. Watching the little boy singing with all his heart on stage blew the public away. What a beautiful moment that was! Was he the one who I voted for? Hmm that’s for me to know and for you to always ponder.

Finally, the lovely evening ended with a tease of a performance by D.E.G (Dieu est Grand). They came on stage looking like beautiful angels and they mixed 3 of their songs, which had us jumping and grooving. As the event ended, no one really wanted to believe it was indeed over. Overall, it was an enjoyable night, but I’ll look forward to a livelier event next year as Allélouia FM will have to celebrate its 4th anniversary.

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Seduce on the dance floor


I watched them from where I stood, up on the balcony overlooking the dancing crowd. The blast from the music pounded my ears—it made no difference. I was indifferent to what was unfolding before my eyes, for I had seen it all, I had experienced it all. I was by all means bored. For me, it was always the same, every weekend. People came from everywhere to savor what appeared to be the best of time. I stood there, like an astray Haitian bird, catching a glimpse of a world that seemed so distant, but yet so close. Everyone knew not to bother me, for this was my exclusive spot.

It was nearing midnight, and I was getting bored, like always. Ready to call it a night, I ordered one last whiskey. I took my eyes off the dance floor to talk to a friend. As the drink was delivered, I took my glass, raised it to my mouth only to stop midway, for my eyes had once more landed on the dance floor. A girl burst out of the blue, wearing a sleeveless, tight, black dress reaching right above her knees. Her dress blended with the hue of her 6 feet stiletto footwear.  

Dahum, I gulped without even tasting my drink. I couldn’t take my eyes away. She was dancing like she owned the dance floor. Multiple eyes were also tracing her moves, but she seemed to pay no attention. She was dancing like a free bird. I put my drink aside, stood up and edged closer. She was marvelous. Her long, dark silky hair pulled back and glittered in the breeze like waves of a gentle sea. She was strolling with grace, twisting her slender body in feline motion. I tightened my grip on the fence to withstand the sudden sensation her sexy move were invoking within me. Right at that moment, she became a temptation.

Suddenly she turned around and our eyes met. I was transfixed. She froze for a while, and then resumed her dance all the while keeping eyes contact. It was as if she were calling me. Her hands moved up and down her body like an early morning siren. Oh yes, the call was great, she didn’t have to sing for me to know that she was a siren. Her move said it all. Like a broken record I moved toward her, never taking her eyes off of her. I was stepping forward—eyes transfixed and hypnotized by her move.

The people on the dance floor cleared away my path as if they knew exactly where I was headed. As I edged closer, I could see her eyes hued in the darkish-blue sky, squinting restlessly. I became hesitant. With her index finger, she summoned me to the dance floor, with a dull air of authority. She turned around, continuing her seductive moves, and without any more delay, I closed the gaps between us.

In a mutually inclusive gesture, we began to dance. Her hips felt like touching a piece of heaven. My nose landed in her hair and I could smell the sweet intoxicated coconut fragrance. Hmm, I brought her closer to my body and she caved in with little resistance. Her body merged perfectly with mine. It was as if we were made for each other, as if it was where I belonged. Slowly ever slowly, we started to move in sync. All the while I kept my face in her hair, encrypting the smell to my memory. The whole world faded in the background; it was me and her and our dancing bodies.

She started grinding on me. Her head landed on my shoulder and I couldn’t help but to start licking her neck. I felt her shivering, and I grinned. I laid my right hand on her upper back while my left hand landed on her thighs. I heard her moan, and like a bouncing ball she turned toward me. Her hands were on my neck and our entwined bodies still glued to the dance floor. I was lost. Her eyes drew me in. She smiled and I couldn’t help but to reciprocate in kind. No words were needed, for she knew perfectly well what she was doing. 

I would give almost anything to spend the rest of the night with her.  Dancing away like nothing else mattered. For the first time in a long while, I felt alive and I didn’t want this feeling to end. We stared at each other and ever slowly our head moved closer so our mouth could meet. And meet, they did. The first contact was like a blast; and like two starved hyenas we kissed right there on the dance floor. Our tongues locked in a battle of wills that neither of us wanted to lose. Her mouth tasted like sweet venomous wine. Hmm, I have died and gone to heaven.

But all too quickly she moved away, and whispered in my ears “nice dancing with you Romeo.” With that said, she was gone like the wind. I stood there in our spot wondering what just happened. I watched as she ambulated away like a fox among the partygoers, giving me a nice view of what I had just held in my hands. But wait, she called me Romeo, so she knew me. Like lighting bold, I rushed to capture her; but I got pinned down by the crowd. I fought my way across, until I reached the exit door.  By the time I stepped out, I could see the silhouette of a taxi rounding up the corner.

She was gone. She came and swept my heart like a hurricane and gone like a fading wind. Who was she and how did she know me? I searched in vain for an answer. One thing I knew for sure, I was going to look for her. I was going to hunt her down. When I find her, she would wish she had never awakened the beast within me. Oh yes, my dear unknown siren, get ready, for Romeo will come for you.

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Dipping into Sin

download (1)Book Review

Andriano was used to getting whatever or whomever he wanted, and she was no exception. Although he was engaged to marry another woman, he couldn’t fathom the idea of letting her go. Immediately drawn to her, Andriano’s world is turned upside down, and suddenly his obligations became a blurry vision the moment he started to fall for her. She was only supposed to be a temporary sexual fling, which was guaranteed to end after he grew bored. But he never got bored…

Simone worked hard to earn a full scholarship to attend the prestigious university in New York City in order to escape the life she had. Despite the many warnings to stay clear of the sexy Andriano Balducci, Simone took a chance and found love. As things unraveled, and pieces of the puzzle came together, Simone realized that she didn’t really know the gentleman with whom she had fallen in love.

Dipping into sin is a must-read for the readers out there who loves a good plot and an awesome cliffhanger. Despite the many problems that came to Simone way, with the help of her grandmother, she was able to become a very strong person capable of pursuing her dreams. Andriano was never the same after losing what he had wanted the most—a love story between a mafia of Italian descent and a beautiful ebony queen from the south. As their love unravels, so does the secret.

I purchased this book on my kindle amazon apps and the moment I started reading it, I couldn’t put my phone down. I believe I read the whole book in a matter of three hours. Yes, I am a fast reader. Once I had reached the end with a major cliffhanger, I went on my knees and screamed at the top of my lungs: no!

People thought I had gone mad. Yes, I had gone mad. Have you ever been into a book and the moment the tension is mounting just when you swipe the page and, boom the end. Yes, it will make you crazy. So in my state of euphoria, I searched for the author. Thank God, a link to her Facebook page was written at the end of the book. Without delay, I wrote her and she did answer and assured me that the second part of the book is coming out this august. Hooray!

This book raises the interracial debate. It is fun to read and enough to make you cry a little. I certainly can’t wait for part 2. Trust me you wouldn’t want to either.

Dipping into Sin 2

26014840   A Book Review

“She will always be my bella mia… “ “Even after five years of being apart, she still manages to affect me in more ways than one. Everything about her caused every part of my body to ache with need. As I tried to recall the last time a woman had stirred me to no control, Simone’s face appeared like a flashing sign. As much as I tried to part ways with my feelings for her, I just couldn’t. Seeing her at Donald Spillmore’s wake confirmed the undying fact…I’m still in love with my bella mia.  But still, five years ago, I vowed to stay away from her. I needed to ensure that she remained safe. Even if that meant, being without my heartbeat. Yet, even as I made that painful decision, I vowed from that day forward I would avenge the day I had to decide between my bella mia and La Cosa Nostra.”

It was during my sweet vacation in the USA on the month of August that “Dipping into Sin 2” came out. Have you ever had a really tight budget where one wrong move can land you in hot waters? Well, that was my case and the worse was the book only cost $5.99. For some that’s nothing, but for a girl currently on vacation and all pennies are accounted for, it’s a big thing. So what did I do? I suppose you could already guess. I threw all caution to the wind by saying to myself, “GOD will provide the missing amount.” He didn’t disappoint. So, I purchased the book on amazon kindle around 2 am. I stayed all night—until 6 am.

The beginning of the book takes off exactly right after the end of the first volume. In the second book, we see Andriano who is doing everything in his power to keep it all together. At the same time, he is faced with one major betrayal. As the rule of the mafia goes, once you’re betrayed, well it’s definitely over for you. However, the author did an amazing job reuniting the characters.

Yes I’ll tell you that much Andriano did find a way to be with the woman he loved, but the end… the end… you just may have to read it to find out what happened in the end. It’s a shocking end. It’s a major cliffhanger. But the author does not stop there; a third book of the series is currently under way. This time it will be about Andriano cousin “Nicolai” and the book is titled “Loving her in the shadows”. Another title, which I can’t wait to add to my shelves.

So, if you read the first book, I suggest you read the second one. It’s a good read, and, by the way, don’t forget to close your mouth at the end of it.



Assisse au bord du rivage sous un  manguier

Mes pensés ne cessent de tourner vers toi

J’examine les flots de la mer

Mais ce sont tes yeux et tes lèvres souriantes qui me font signe à l’horizon

Le rhyme de mon Coeur augmente et mon souffle s’accélère

Pourquoi les choses ont-ils tournés ainsi

Pourquoi notre amour n’a pas pu résister aux examens du temps

Pourquoi ai-je du mal à t’oublier

Toi qui fut mon premier amour, mon premier baiser

Dans le temps, du bon vieux temps

Quand tu m’emmenais à danser

Et on passait des heures à rigoler, à se cajoler et à s’embrasser

Tu m’avais promis la lune, les étoiles et ton amour inconditionnel

Maintenant, elles ne sont plus que des promesses oubliées dans un passé inoubliable

J’aurais dû t’empêcher, j’aurais dû me battre encore plus

J’aurais dû et j’aurais dû

A quoi bon sert la vie si tu n’es plus a mes côtés?

Ils t’ont pris entre mes mains—et maintenant

Je n’ai que tes cendres et des souvenirs douloureux

Des souvenirs qui rongent mon Coeur

Assisse au bord du rivage, au lieu de notre première rencontre

Je viens te dire adieu avec des larmes au yeux

Pour toi, je continuerai a vivre

Tout en espérant qu’un jour notre âme s’unira au temps voulu