Fallen for the Arabian Chapter 5


Chapter 5

It was five minutes pass eleven, when Sarah with the help of Anna gave the final touch to the article title “A one of a kind banquet.” They were fast typists and would come up with a good story line in a matter of minutes. No one could understand that talent they had, even them, so they always try not to think about it and would just let the words flow within them, for once they were in the zone nothing could stop them.

As they laid back on the couch with the laptop open on the coffee table, both girls seem lost in their own little world. Sarah kept thinking back to the tall man she had seen. It was a habit of hers to reminiscent on certain things. The image of the man came as clear as if she was seen him in front of her, too bad she didn’t see his face. In either case, it’s not like she would be seen him again. Best put that image in a box, but then suddenly a light turns on in her head. She pulled her laptop toward her and started typing away. In just mere seconds she had come up with a poem.

Breath stealer

Dress in a black tuxedo, his hair pulled back in a slick manner

I could only see the back of his head,

His hair looks like silk and smooth to the touch

Suddenly the urge to run my hand into it became great

Holding on to my glass of champagne, it took all of my will power to not move from my spot

I could hear his voice from where I stood,

Rough, yet there was this smoothest under and a hint of arrogance

His voice pulled me in, his laugh sent tremors to my body

At that moment I wish I was that woman

I wish I was the one to talk and laugh with him

Lord, if only he could turn, if I only I could gaze at his eyes

And lost myself into its depts.

Under his tuxedo, I could tell that is body was well sculpted

Did he have the six pact that seems to be all girls’ fantasy?

Then again it wouldn’t matter to me, just the thought of running my hand on his chest, hmm…

My heart began its drumming sound, my breath became rage

Just hearing his voice place me in that situation, what if I were to truly see him

What should I do, should I walk over, should I pretend to stumble?

He would turn around and then, and then…

Why does it have to be so complicated?

After all, just one look that is all I ask, one look to gaze at my breath stealer.

The fury of the typing sound brought Anna back from her own fantasy world. Opening her eyes, she turned toward her roommate and friend Sarah. It feels like they’ve known each other for more than a year and half. She was always an outcast, women her age never truly understood her obsession with sport while guys always flung to her like flies. Like Sarah, she had mostly guy’s friends. It did come in handy at time, after all she get to be front row in every sport games. Till this day, she has no idea how she accomplishes that. But she guests her writing good sport review had a lot to do with it.

Anyway, when she was introduced to Sarah, she didn’t think well of her. Another woman into her office, who would criticize her of her way of life. Pardon her, but she was not too enthusiastic about it. But Sarah totally surprise her and instead embrace her wholeheartedly. For the very first time she had found a female friend. Two month after their introduction, they moved in together. Sometimes they went to work together, other times they went separately. That was not what matter to them, both their life changed the moment they came into each other life. She absolutely adores Sarah writings and she loves working with her on her projects.

Speaking of which she turned her eyes away from a very concentrated, scary cute Sarah to the screen of the laptop. She read the title “Breath Stealer” oho. She known Sarah long enough to know that she was probably writing about the guy she half saw at the banquet. Amazing how she can be inspired by just the smallest things.

Anna moved closer to read the content and was blown away at what she was reading. “Are you planning on posting that tomorrow on our weekly post?”

“What do you think?”


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