Chapter 4

As the sweet melodic music been played by the musician floated in the air, Sarah could already imagine the content of her article. Excitement was coursing through her vain. She couldn’t wait to go home and start typing away. She was not the only one having fun, Anna looks to be in a bliss, her eyes were sparkling and she had a feeling that they both may actually worked on the article. That wouldn’t be a first. Together they have gone to many events that it has become a golden rule to give their input into each other article.

It was exactly eight o’clock when an MC walked into the prearrange stage, prompting everyone to quiet down. The ladies had a clear view of the stage that they didn’t bother approaching closer to the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our 9th annual banquet. I am Michael Vendur, your host for the night. Our theme tonight “renaissance” is our way of leaving behind the old technology and embrace the modern well advance technology. Our team has worked hard to produce it and we believe the public will be more than satisfied. After all we do our best to satisfy our customers.”

As he reach the end of his speech “ladies and gentlemen please welcome the CEO of G&C Corporation Mr. Gordon Bright.” Bright walked on the stage with an air of confidence, he shook the hand of Michael, exchange a couple of words, then faced the mic.

“I don’t have much to say, since our host of the night has covered it all” a little chuckle from the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is with an immense pleasure that I have the honor to introduce the latest drone.” Suddenly a curtain was open to reveal what looks a like a plane, but was indeed a drone. Sarah was not much into measurement so she had trouble telling the actual size but she made the difference by imagining the size of her kitchen TV which was around 40inch.

Bright continue talking all about the mechanism of the instrument and all Sarah could clearly understand was the fact that the drone had a miniature robotic figure of what look like a pilot. The robotic pilot can actually pilot the drone when put on automatic mode and can also talk. “It can received command and execute them at wills. Certain human emotions has been integrated into his system as to facilitate the conversation between robot and human” said Bright.

“What’s next” said Anna “removing actual human pilot for robotic ones”

“Who Knows, but this here sort of remind me of the movie ‘I robot’ played by Will Smith!”

“We should probably start thinking of a weapon that is called ‘anti-robot chainsaws weapon of mass destruction”

Sarah had to contain her laughter, otherwise she would have spilled her champagne. Her friend had a really wild and weird imagination “what in the world kind of name is that?”

Taking an air of confidence Anna answered “my new name invention, I think it will be sold for millions, it’s unique and destructive”

“My goodness please stop Anna, I won’t be able to contain my laugh”

Since the light were a bit deemed, both Sarah and Anna did not see the men’s that had approached them and was standing just mere feet’s away from them and had heard their whole conversation and was trying their best to contain their laughter.

Once the girls laughter had died down “It’s amazing how many things human can accomplish, drone dotted with a robotic pilot, like really” scoff Anna

“I know, it’s crazy but then again technology will just keep evolving”

He and Guillermo stood mere feet’s away from the ladies, they could hear their comments about the drone, thought the look on their faces looked intrigue, they also sounded a bit worried. He on the other hand could not yet clearly see the advantage of having a robot on the drone. Bright was of course not telling the whole true about it, just mere facts that the public needed to know. He watched the one in red and black digging into her handheld bag, pulled out a pen and notebook; he had yet to hear her name. She was taking notes of what Bright was saying. Who are those women’s?


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