Chapter 3 “Fallen for the Arabian”

Chapter 3

The five star Marriott Hotel lights illuminated the streets below leaving everyone with eyes of wonders. All sort of luxury vehicles were coming and leaving with drivers and passengers dressed in the latest trend. The women’s were sumptuous like princess from a postmodern medieval time. While the men’s were like prince charming waiting to conquer the heart of the damsel.

As she walks into the steps of the hotel, Sarah fell a little out of place. This was not her environment, sure she could mingle with the rich, she knew all the etiquettes, knew how to act but the thought of meeting new people always made her shy and she would rather keep her mouth shut then pronounce a single word. On the outside she appears calm and collected but on the inside she was a nervous wreck. She felt a slight pressure on her hands, looking down it was Anna who look just as nervous as her.

“I don’t know how you manage to talk me into accompanying you, but you owe me big time” said Anna

Taking a deep breath, Sarah rid herself of her nervousness and said “let’s go, we’ll get to live this night once in our life, let’s do this and get the heck out of here”

“Are we allowed to wash our eyes on those fine specimen?” said Anna as a tall handsome man wearing a black tuxedo, and hair the color of white sand, eyes like those of the skies pass by them”

“Dayum” whispered Sarah “he is so cute” as if the man knew the ladies were talking about him, he turned toward them and smile showing his perfect white teeth. Both girls lost their breath and without wasting time ran toward the main entrance of the hotel room, living behind them curious stares.

Once inside, they were directed to the ball room where the events was been held. Upon entering the double set of doors, they were grace with a sight that so far they’ve only seen in movies. The room was painted in this golden color, the chandelier lights reflecting on the women’s jewelries illuminated the room like the stars in the dark sky. Laughter ring everywhere, servers dressed in black and white were going up and down with their trays serving what look like delicious sweets and champagne. Women’s and men’s of all ages, of different races were conversing among themselves.

It was a spectacular sights, the girls were left in awe, giggling they look at each other and hand in hand, proceeded further into the room. A glass of champagne was handed to them by one of the waiter, as they sip it, Sarah took her time memorizing every details, from the decorations to the well-arranged tables with many delicious delicacies, the waiters and the sumptuous guests. Both girls kept to themselves, going about the room not really introducing themselves to anyone. Their eyes and ears were doing the whole work.

Thirty minutes into the night and they had enough information to write a book. They stop by a corner and were happily chatting away but failed to notice the eyes that had been following them since they entered the building.

As he stood in the shadow of the stairs, with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a glass of champagne, he sweep the ball room; watching the arrival of the guests. He had to admit, the committee of the banquet did an excellent job, and he was impressed. The theme of the night “Renaissance” gave a picture of the medieval time with a touch of modern world. In his invitation card, it was clearly written “to commemorate a new beginning and advancing into a bright future.”

He could understand that with the advancement of the G&C Corporation, technologies was about to evolve into a new level. Thus the reason for the banquet, he was sure that some new gadget was going to be presented tonight. That didn’t faze him, for sooner or later whatever was going to be presented will only be used in destroying an already on the verge of destructions world. He hope they presented it soon so he could leave as soon as possible. As much as he didn’t want to leave the shadow, he knew that eventually he had to go down.

He raised his champagne glass to his lips but froze just as the glass touched it. For at that very moment his eyes landed on a very beautiful flower that had just walked into the ball room entrance. She was holding the hand of another woman that look just as stunning as her. She was wearing a red and black ball gown dress, the top was made as a corset exposing her elbows and neck, while the bottom was puffy. Her partner was wearing this Basque waist greenish dress. Both dress were identical in shapes and fitted their owners perfectly. But it was their stunning beauty that froze him. It was not his first time seen an African American women, but…


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