Fallen for the Arabian Chapter 2

“Are you sure going to that banquet is good idea?”’

“No not at all, but then again I am a special guest”

“You know it would have been nice if all of those charity money were actually going to places that really need them”

“Well at least this one is in honor of the war victims, hopefully it will filled that purpose” said he as he sips his whiskey. Banquets were not really his ideal social events. He had to play the part and pretend to be somebody civilized for a couple of hours. He hated that, but then again that was part of his duty and he never fail to accomplish his duty. He came to U.S.A to meet with the famous self-made millionaire Carla Brown about a project to help the war victims in his country. Instead he was invited to a banquet to which he couldn’t say no to.

The U.S.A was the least of his favorite country, since the cause of the suffering of his people was their wayward politic. Not all of them were of bad breed of course; but those in power were greedy wolf, devouring whatever they touched. Whether he liked it or not, his status had to deal with all the formalities. After all it was country first.

He met Carla Brown about eight months ago, during one of her trips to his country. She was African American with the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Just by looking at her, he could tell that she was a prize in her younger year. He wish he had met her during her time, maybe just maybe he would have been able to put his fear aside and wooed her.

It was rare to meet a women of her breed.  She knew how to hold her own; she was brave and kind hearted. He loved the fact that money didn’t change her way of life. She had true compassion and empathy and that’s the reason why today he found himself in the Marriot five star hotel sipping a whiskey and dreading a banquet.

Woman didn’t really have an effect on him but Carla Brown was the definition of a true woman, one he highly respected. He had so many other things to do then assisting a banquet, yet here he was waiting at her request. He hope tomorrow after the banquet he will be able to talk to her and by Saturday be out of this country. Many awaited him.

To be continued….


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