Fallen for the Arabian (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

It started out as a typical morning, the alarm clock resounded within the room, waking up an already grumpy Sarah. ‘Gosh it’s already Thursday,’ murmur her as she rolls on the bed and turned off the alarm clock. She covered her head with the bed covers, but her attempt to sleep was short lived, because her second alarms sounded off. Grunting, she pulled the cover further up but the sound emitting from the alarm clock was really annoying. She wondered why she uses that type of sound, but then again it was the only sound that could wake her. Removing the cover, she turn off the alarm and sat down on the bed with her right hand under her chin.

Today was Thursday, just one more day before the weekend and Lord knows she couldn’t wait for this weekend. She needed rest, both physically and emotionally. Work was ethic as usual, don’t get her wrong, she loves was she was doing. Been a rising star within the community of writers and a novice in the photography world was something she was totally proud of. It had always been her dreams to be a writer and a photographer.

True be told, her salary was something she never expected including the bonuses she would receive once in a while from her boss. It was enough for her to pay her bills and support her family back in her country and at the end of the month more than enough to survive. The small town media located in the city of East Orange, New Jersey was not the ideal but it was enough for her, especially after living there for a year. Of course, she had no plans of staying there; she had big dreams and one of them was to work for the New York Times. Until then she had to make her name and the deluxe media was the perfect place.

To be continue.


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