Fallen for the Arabian

Bombs were dropping everywhere, filling the air with dust, the smell of acids with fresh blood. The cries of the little ones were those of a baby bears looking for their mothers. The sound of gunshots resounding within the air brought a sense of hopelessness. No one could hide, no one was safe. The one and only option was death, but death was not welcome in most heart for many wanted to see the next day, but tomorrow didn’t exist, not in this hell they were facing.

In one day, their life were turn upside down. In one day, parents were burying their children’s, children’s their parents. They houses were gone, in it the many memories they shared with their love one. Why did it have to be so, why the war, why the chaos, why the lost. No one care about them, no one really wanted to save them. All that they were after was their country, their glorious country who for century had withstood its greatness, but was now reduce into nothingness in just one day.
She stood in between the chaos, her heart crying out, her soul lost into the cries of the helpless. What her eyes was seen, her heart did not want to agree with. It was great shame to see how far man would go to get what they wanted. How far their evil heart held nothing but hunger. They were no longer human, but demons walking on this earth, devouring everything in their path.

She was there to do a job, but her heart could not withstand what she was seen. She had heard of the calamities that were happening, but now she was seen it live. Her hands were shaking, she was unable to take any more pictures. Tears were fallen off her eyes, her spirits and soul were crying. ‘Oh GOD save those people’ cried out her heart. Too many innocent were dying. But her cries were unheard in the middle of all the bombings and gunshots. So lost in the suffering, that she hadn’t heard the sound of the missile coming her way like a whistle, like a slow peaceful whistle with the promise of death.

The wind blew, removing her hat and blowing out her curly beautiful African hair. She stood in the middle of the chaos like an ancient queen, her beauty like a dot in the middle of it all, like a fresh breath. Just as she closes her eyes and await the end. She felt his presence before even seen him and just as the missile of death approaches, she open her eyes and look him in the eyes. He was shouting, but she couldn’t hear. Already the wind of death was upon her. She saw him cried out, but she was unable to move, unable to go to him, for as much as she wanted to, she was chains, rooted on the spot. With more tears in her eyes and with a heavy heart she said her goodbyes, surely heaven will be much better than this hell hole.

To be continued….


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