Don’t drink and drive, especially a motorcycle

Sunday February 8, 2015; it was around 07:30pm when my parents, my brother and my best friend/roommate Daniella and I decided it was time to go. My family was going to drop Daniella and me to our house in Tabarre. A calm and nice atmosphere reigned inside of the car. We were all lost in our own thought until we reached Merger.

My eyes glued to my phone when suddenly I raised my head and noticed a motorcycle in front of us. Normally, I would just go back to doing what I was doing, but something about the motorcycle caught my attention. The motorcyclist was riding the bike in snake like movements. Finding it interesting, I motioned to Daniella, who was sitting right next to me, to take a glance.  Upon further observation, we noticed there were four people on the motorbike and a foreigner was the driver.

My parents started to ask what was wrong with the driver. He will go from one lane to the other and repeat the same motion over and over. We started to speculate. At first, we thought he was trying to avoid the bumps on the road, but the more we watched, the more we became confused. Then, we thought maybe he could not see due to the visibility issue—it was indeed quite dark. Then, I simply speculated that maybe he was drunk. Instead of passing in front of the motorbike, my dad decided to slow down and turn on the headlight.

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