Claiming what’s his. (sample)

This is a sample of a story that I am working on.



“Is this seat taken?” he asked again

“Hm, no”

His inside melted as he hears her sweet melodic angelic voice. Clearing his throat, he sat down facing her, sipping his coffee and staring straight at her enjoying what he was seeing. She seems uncomfortable has she pretends to not noticing him. He put his elbow on the table as a way to be closer to her. Sensing his movement, she looks up and asked him “can you stop staring at me”

“Is it a request or a demand?”


“Sorry beautiful, but you are way too beautiful for me to stop staring at”

“It’s bothersome sir”

“Well get used to it, for I can stay here all day long looking at you and imagine all the wicked things I could do to this body of yours”

Her mouth drop

“Close that pretty little mouth of yours, unless you want something else in it” he winked at her.

‘Whoa, what I am thinking, where are those words coming from? Heck what am I saying? I am going to scare her away’

As if on cue, the girl got up, took her stuff and left without muttering a single word. He was about to go after her when he accidentally bumped into someone.


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