Live while you are breathing.

Live while you are breathing!

Hey you, yes you, why the frown on your face? You always wear it like a cloth every time I see you and I assure you it’s more than I can count. Your shoulder is always tense, your back stiffs as if you are walking on a broom. Seriously dude, you need to chill and let go of what’s keeping that stress within you.

Life is too short to worry about petty things. Granted not everything is petty, but you got to admit that there are far better things out there. So what life has it rough for you? You are not the only one facing difficult moments, some are worse than you. Everyone has their loads, every one suffers and every dream does not always come true. However people move on, why don’t you? Life does not revolve around one thing. It has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful things that you need to open your eyes upon, yet you close your eyes and refuse to see it, shame on you.

See that handsome, well-educated, well-mannered man looking at you as if you were the most beautiful woman on this planet, give him a chance. Hey if it doesn’t work out at least you tried. How about you, do you see that beautiful girl glancing at you once in a while granted she is not a beauty to be reckoned on but she is beautiful and I am sure her inner beauty is her true beauty. Go on, approach her, give her a bit of your time you will probably not regret it or you could but at least you tried. You shouldn’t sit there and proclaim what if? What if is for losers. But you are not a loser, am I wrong or right? For as I look at you; I see a winner someone who can go so far yet you have hindered yourself. Don’t sit and say what if, don’t’ miss the opportunity. You see that promotion you have been dreaming about, stop dreaming and work for it, make it a reality. That brand new latest BMW you’ve been wanting is within your reach. Hang in there just a little bit.

You tell yourself, I’ll have time but the truth is time is leaving you behind. Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend has wanted to go on that expedition, come on why don’t you go and experience it with them instead of giving a million reasons why you can’t do it. Yes you must work and do all those adults stuffs but it does not mean you have to stop living. Life is full of wonders, magic and spontaneous moments to just let it pass you by like a falling twig. Take the risks but in a safely manner. For I certainly do not want to be blamed for any mishap (wink).

You were born to live fully, without worries, without a rock hanging over your head. Your problems are not yours to deal with they are GOD’s. So go live life, bring your family to that trip you’ve been promising them. Show them the love you have for them. Don’t hide it; it will only make it worse. For once you are placed 6 feet under; all those dreams and emotions will also be buried. What will be left behind will only be memories. Make sure that those memories will bring happiness to all those who knew you. So live while you are breathing and be an inspiration for others.


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