Chapter 3 “Fallen for the Arabian”

Chapter 3

The five star Marriott Hotel lights illuminated the streets below leaving everyone with eyes of wonders. All sort of luxury vehicles were coming and leaving with drivers and passengers dressed in the latest trend. The women’s were sumptuous like princess from a postmodern medieval time. While the men’s were like prince charming waiting to conquer the heart of the damsel.

As she walks into the steps of the hotel, Sarah fell a little out of place. This was not her environment, sure she could mingle with the rich, she knew all the etiquettes, knew how to act but the thought of meeting new people always made her shy and she would rather keep her mouth shut then pronounce a single word. On the outside she appears calm and collected but on the inside she was a nervous wreck. She felt a slight pressure on her hands, looking down it was Anna who look just as nervous as her.

“I don’t know how you manage to talk me into accompanying you, but you owe me big time” said Anna

Taking a deep breath, Sarah rid herself of her nervousness and said “let’s go, we’ll get to live this night once in our life, let’s do this and get the heck out of here”

“Are we allowed to wash our eyes on those fine specimen?” said Anna as a tall handsome man wearing a black tuxedo, and hair the color of white sand, eyes like those of the skies pass by them”

“Dayum” whispered Sarah “he is so cute” as if the man knew the ladies were talking about him, he turned toward them and smile showing his perfect white teeth. Both girls lost their breath and without wasting time ran toward the main entrance of the hotel room, living behind them curious stares.

Once inside, they were directed to the ball room where the events was been held. Upon entering the double set of doors, they were grace with a sight that so far they’ve only seen in movies. The room was painted in this golden color, the chandelier lights reflecting on the women’s jewelries illuminated the room like the stars in the dark sky. Laughter ring everywhere, servers dressed in black and white were going up and down with their trays serving what look like delicious sweets and champagne. Women’s and men’s of all ages, of different races were conversing among themselves.

It was a spectacular sights, the girls were left in awe, giggling they look at each other and hand in hand, proceeded further into the room. A glass of champagne was handed to them by one of the waiter, as they sip it, Sarah took her time memorizing every details, from the decorations to the well-arranged tables with many delicious delicacies, the waiters and the sumptuous guests. Both girls kept to themselves, going about the room not really introducing themselves to anyone. Their eyes and ears were doing the whole work.

Thirty minutes into the night and they had enough information to write a book. They stop by a corner and were happily chatting away but failed to notice the eyes that had been following them since they entered the building.

As he stood in the shadow of the stairs, with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a glass of champagne, he sweep the ball room; watching the arrival of the guests. He had to admit, the committee of the banquet did an excellent job, and he was impressed. The theme of the night “Renaissance” gave a picture of the medieval time with a touch of modern world. In his invitation card, it was clearly written “to commemorate a new beginning and advancing into a bright future.”

He could understand that with the advancement of the G&C Corporation, technologies was about to evolve into a new level. Thus the reason for the banquet, he was sure that some new gadget was going to be presented tonight. That didn’t faze him, for sooner or later whatever was going to be presented will only be used in destroying an already on the verge of destructions world. He hope they presented it soon so he could leave as soon as possible. As much as he didn’t want to leave the shadow, he knew that eventually he had to go down.

He raised his champagne glass to his lips but froze just as the glass touched it. For at that very moment his eyes landed on a very beautiful flower that had just walked into the ball room entrance. She was holding the hand of another woman that look just as stunning as her. She was wearing a red and black ball gown dress, the top was made as a corset exposing her elbows and neck, while the bottom was puffy. Her partner was wearing this Basque waist greenish dress. Both dress were identical in shapes and fitted their owners perfectly. But it was their stunning beauty that froze him. It was not his first time seen an African American women, but…

Fallen for the Arabian Chapter 2

“Are you sure going to that banquet is good idea?”’

“No not at all, but then again I am a special guest”

“You know it would have been nice if all of those charity money were actually going to places that really need them”

“Well at least this one is in honor of the war victims, hopefully it will filled that purpose” said he as he sips his whiskey. Banquets were not really his ideal social events. He had to play the part and pretend to be somebody civilized for a couple of hours. He hated that, but then again that was part of his duty and he never fail to accomplish his duty. He came to U.S.A to meet with the famous self-made millionaire Carla Brown about a project to help the war victims in his country. Instead he was invited to a banquet to which he couldn’t say no to.

The U.S.A was the least of his favorite country, since the cause of the suffering of his people was their wayward politic. Not all of them were of bad breed of course; but those in power were greedy wolf, devouring whatever they touched. Whether he liked it or not, his status had to deal with all the formalities. After all it was country first.

He met Carla Brown about eight months ago, during one of her trips to his country. She was African American with the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Just by looking at her, he could tell that she was a prize in her younger year. He wish he had met her during her time, maybe just maybe he would have been able to put his fear aside and wooed her.

It was rare to meet a women of her breed.  She knew how to hold her own; she was brave and kind hearted. He loved the fact that money didn’t change her way of life. She had true compassion and empathy and that’s the reason why today he found himself in the Marriot five star hotel sipping a whiskey and dreading a banquet.

Woman didn’t really have an effect on him but Carla Brown was the definition of a true woman, one he highly respected. He had so many other things to do then assisting a banquet, yet here he was waiting at her request. He hope tomorrow after the banquet he will be able to talk to her and by Saturday be out of this country. Many awaited him.

To be continued….

Fallen for the Arabian (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

It started out as a typical morning, the alarm clock resounded within the room, waking up an already grumpy Sarah. ‘Gosh it’s already Thursday,’ murmur her as she rolls on the bed and turned off the alarm clock. She covered her head with the bed covers, but her attempt to sleep was short lived, because her second alarms sounded off. Grunting, she pulled the cover further up but the sound emitting from the alarm clock was really annoying. She wondered why she uses that type of sound, but then again it was the only sound that could wake her. Removing the cover, she turn off the alarm and sat down on the bed with her right hand under her chin.

Today was Thursday, just one more day before the weekend and Lord knows she couldn’t wait for this weekend. She needed rest, both physically and emotionally. Work was ethic as usual, don’t get her wrong, she loves was she was doing. Been a rising star within the community of writers and a novice in the photography world was something she was totally proud of. It had always been her dreams to be a writer and a photographer.

True be told, her salary was something she never expected including the bonuses she would receive once in a while from her boss. It was enough for her to pay her bills and support her family back in her country and at the end of the month more than enough to survive. The small town media located in the city of East Orange, New Jersey was not the ideal but it was enough for her, especially after living there for a year. Of course, she had no plans of staying there; she had big dreams and one of them was to work for the New York Times. Until then she had to make her name and the deluxe media was the perfect place.

To be continue.

The Flower

A flower in the middle of the chaos

Retaining all its beauty

Not having been touched by the darkness around her

She shines like the sun

She opens her petals and lets out her sweet fragrance

Attracting all around her

Giving hope to the hopeless and a smile to the brokenhearted

With no fear, she lends her hand and touches their hearts

For a moment, they feel ecstatic, blissful

For a moment, they seem to have reached the ridgeline of happiness

Slowly their hearts’ desires unfold

And, in a flicker, she is the prize to be caged in

Her freedom is threatened by those her petals have touched

Chagrined, her heart vibrates, but she is fighting it off

The way she best knows, but it’s not enough

For her voice is falling on deaf ears

They all wish to own her everlasting fragrance

Can she be contained inside a cage?

She does not think so

She wants to rise above the fray,

In the race to win her heart

Her fight has begun,

She must keep the dull darkness away the best she could

She will continue to shine as bright as the sun

To bring hope to others

As for those who wish to conquer her,

Her petals will continue to do their work

But they’ll be foolish to believe that she will be conquered

Her heart harbors only one desire

That is to be conquered by “love”

A love only reserved for the one

Who truly has the magic touch to send her silent heart aglow.

I wish


I wish I had met you earlier

I wish I had gazed at your brownish eyes long ago

I wish I had seen………

How did I miss the sign?

How did I miss it all?

You stood there, watching me from afar

Never making a sound

Never letting out a hint of your feelings

Here I was, always by your side

Smiling and relaxing by your side

I held you in my arms countless of times

You knew all my deepest secrets

Just as I knew yours

We would chat for hours on end

There was never a dull moment when we were together

Our days were filled with each other’s bliss

Yet, it was all for the sake of nothing

Now, when I look back

No matter how much I blame myself

The fact would remain constant

How could I let this go on, when I knew it all?

How could I betray myself just for the sake of loving you?

Yes, I still love you

It’s just a feeling, or is it?

A feeling hidden down the deepest end of my heart

Oblivious to the signs, I was the slave of an unwanted imagine

Like they always say

It’s easier to live in a bubble

Than facing reality

Now that reality has come crashing down

We both feel hurt and browbeaten

Scooped up and waded endlessly in a river of tears

No comfort can be found in our words

It is too late, what was yesterday

Can no longer be

Now, we are left with just memories and pain and wistful thinking

I wish, I wish so much

But I must wrestle with this mere fact

“Not every wish comes true.”

Fallen for the Arabian

Bombs were dropping everywhere, filling the air with dust, the smell of acids with fresh blood. The cries of the little ones were those of a baby bears looking for their mothers. The sound of gunshots resounding within the air brought a sense of hopelessness. No one could hide, no one was safe. The one and only option was death, but death was not welcome in most heart for many wanted to see the next day, but tomorrow didn’t exist, not in this hell they were facing.

In one day, their life were turn upside down. In one day, parents were burying their children’s, children’s their parents. They houses were gone, in it the many memories they shared with their love one. Why did it have to be so, why the war, why the chaos, why the lost. No one care about them, no one really wanted to save them. All that they were after was their country, their glorious country who for century had withstood its greatness, but was now reduce into nothingness in just one day.
She stood in between the chaos, her heart crying out, her soul lost into the cries of the helpless. What her eyes was seen, her heart did not want to agree with. It was great shame to see how far man would go to get what they wanted. How far their evil heart held nothing but hunger. They were no longer human, but demons walking on this earth, devouring everything in their path.

She was there to do a job, but her heart could not withstand what she was seen. She had heard of the calamities that were happening, but now she was seen it live. Her hands were shaking, she was unable to take any more pictures. Tears were fallen off her eyes, her spirits and soul were crying. ‘Oh GOD save those people’ cried out her heart. Too many innocent were dying. But her cries were unheard in the middle of all the bombings and gunshots. So lost in the suffering, that she hadn’t heard the sound of the missile coming her way like a whistle, like a slow peaceful whistle with the promise of death.

The wind blew, removing her hat and blowing out her curly beautiful African hair. She stood in the middle of the chaos like an ancient queen, her beauty like a dot in the middle of it all, like a fresh breath. Just as she closes her eyes and await the end. She felt his presence before even seen him and just as the missile of death approaches, she open her eyes and look him in the eyes. He was shouting, but she couldn’t hear. Already the wind of death was upon her. She saw him cried out, but she was unable to move, unable to go to him, for as much as she wanted to, she was chains, rooted on the spot. With more tears in her eyes and with a heavy heart she said her goodbyes, surely heaven will be much better than this hell hole.

To be continued….

Our Hearts

My love, my darling, my honey, my sugar, my chocolate, my vanilla

My, my, my and my…

I could go on and on

But no words will ever be enough to describe what you are to me

You gave me meaning when no one else could

You stayed by my side when no one else could

You held me tight and dried my tears when no one else could

And you loved me without restraint

When even I thought I was unlovable

You are more to me than words can describe

More than anything else, more than breath itself

And for that, my love, I give you myself

Just as I am, just as I will be

For our love shall shine brighter than the sun

And our hands shall forever be joined

And our hearts shall forever be intertwined